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Newsletter April 2020

Dear Friends of Charlie Braveheart,

Despite the whole Covid-19 news cycle there is still some news to share with you from the Charlie Braveheart foundation.

In February, we supported 2 courses where healthcare professionals from 11 different hospitals and healthcare organisations attended a

3-day fundamentals course. The professionals who attended were people from different fields and backgrounds such as Paediatricians from hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium, Anaesthesiologists, Child oncologists and Nurses, Psychologists and Childcare providers who work in hospitals, home care or emergency departments.

They were given a very intensive training program to provide them with a toolbox of skills to use in their various work fields. The faculty that educated and coached these healthcare workers will stay in contact to support them with the challenges they might face while implementing the new techniques and approaches. In this way the spirit of change and innovation will continue and develop and be shared further.

Also, part of the training material was filmed for educational purposes for the faculty, future faculty use and to be a reference point for those who attended the 3-day course.

The Kind en Ziekenhuis Foundation,participated in components of the 3-day course to focus attention on the role and complexity of being a parent of a child that is in need of specialistic care

They will develop an additional toolkit for parents and children based on

specialised educational material for healthcare professionals in 2020.

Our focus in 2020 was to provide a large group of healthcare professionals with education. Due to the Covid-19 situation; face to face education is now uncertain and this has forced us to look for different methods to share our educational material. The fact that we filmed a lot of material during the courses in February helps significantly, and we are striving to develop this into educational material online such as infographics and e-learnings and to be ready when people can physically attend our courses again.

Through 2020 customised education is being developed for the nurses who are in training to specialise in childcare nursing. They will receive an introduction to basic components that are key when approaching children that are in pain or need to undergo an intervention such as drawing blood, IV-placement or nasogastric tube. This introduction creates awareness and knowledge about critical topics such as how it is possible to prevent stress, negate the use of force and how to treat pain effectively.

This education embodies pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical options so that these future specialists can help change the future of healthcare for children.

Whether the PROSA conference will take place in December 2020 is uncertain. This was one of the large initiatives that is supported by CB.

We understand these are turbulent times but would like to thank you very much for your kind attention and continuous support.

Wulf van Alkemade


Charlie Braveheart Foundation


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