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Donation Total: €500

Tax rules on donations to Stichting Charlie Braveheart

According to the Dutch Income Tax act 2001, donations to foundations with the necessary certification (ANBI or SBBI)) are tax deductible if:

  • The donation, together with other donations done in the same fiscal year, amounts to at least 1% of a person’s taxable income. The surplus is tax deductible, to a maximum of 10% of a person’s taxable income, or,
  • A commitment to donate to the institution is given for at least 5 yearly payments. In this case no threshold is applicable, but an agreement needs to be signed with certain formalities. A draft of such an agreement can be downloaded here. Since the board of Stichting Charlie Braveheart also needs to confirm the annual commitment, we request you to fill out the form as much as possible and then send it to our administrative support at:

We will supply you with a signed agreement to support your Dutch income tax return.