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Who is Charlie Braveheart?

Learn everything there is about the Charlie Braveheart Foundation, the people behind it and its mission.

Mission statement

The objective of Charlie Braveheart is to make treatments for children in hospitals as non-coercive, stress-free, and painless as possible. From the Emergency Department to various departments such as Orthopedics, Burn Treatment, Rheumatology, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat), and Oncology.


Hub van Doorneweg 10
2171 KZ Sassenheim

Email address:

Bank account number (IBAN): NL04 ABNA 0828 4083 27
Chamber of Commerce: 72376961
RSIN: 859089812


The board consists of:

Chairman: Jan Wulf van Alkemade
Secretary: Bibi van der Velden
Treasurer: Norbert van Hamond
General board member: Anna van Essen


The foundation raises funds in the form of donations.

The funds received are used to implement the foundation’s objectives.


At the end of each financial year, a balance sheet and a statement of income and expenditure are published on the website:

The foundation’s objectives are fulfilled in proportion to the success of the fundraising.

Policy Plan

This policy plan describes the initiatives of Charlie Braveheart. These initiatives serve the foundation’s mission and vision.


The Charlie Braveheart foundation believes in the importance of pain free and stress-free relief in hospital treatments for children.


The foundation aims to make as many treatments in hospitals as possible both pain and stress free for children who have to undergo treatments.

A number of tools are now acknowledged to be helpful in reducing anxiety, pain and stress.

  • Focus language
  • Hypnosis
  • Music
  • Sedation (Nitrous oxide)
  • Others (technological) developments


Charlie Braveheart’s goal is to make the treatment of children in healthcare, as much as possible, free of pain and stress. This extends from the Emergency Room to the various other departments such as Orthopedics, Burn Treatment, Rheumatology, ENT and Oncology.

A secondary objective is to create strong and broad support so that the mission is known to a wide audience. This involves looking for partnerships with other providers and partners.

In addition, this also requires partnerships with commercial parties to draw attention to our mission and thereby seek exposure for the topic.

Strategic activities

Strategic activities undertaken or supported by Charlie Braveheart are detailed below:

  • By means of events, newsletters and additional forms of communication, the donors and interested parties are informed about the results achieved and the impacts that are realized in practice.
  • We are blessed with an engaged and enthusiastic group of experts, some of whom work at the Knowledge Center for procedural comfort. For these experts, innovation is essential as well as the consolidation of a strong faculty and development and dissemination of education. The Charlie Braveheart foundation supports these innovative activities.
  • Connection with partners and existing initiatives will be further developed strategically and in cooperation (both commercial and non-profit)

Investing in education

The education assets supported by Charlie Braveheart are constantly evolving. Support will be given to a knowledge center for procedural comfort. Education will be provided from this center, educational components will be developed further, and a good connection will be sought with operational practice, in order to increase implementation and impact.

Partnerships and funding

Within the existing initiatives – operating within the same area or by extension – contact is sought to refer to each other where necessary and to reinforce each other. Parties involved include the Child and Hospital Foundation, Skills4comfort, Princess Máxima Center.

Creating support from parties that have influence in the field of national and European regulations and policy is also important. This could include professional associations, political parties, the EU State of Health.

It is also important to search for funds from various agencies in order to achieve the ultimate goal. These funds will be sought in several ways:

  • Within the existing network by organizing fundraising activities.
  • By linking to existing brands and organizations.
  • Approaching health insurers, European funds and ZonMw.


Below are several initiatives and organizations that the Charlie Braveheart foundation supports.


Charlie Braveheart supports Skills4comfort in teaching courses in language and hypnosis for children. This is done, among others, within the Princess Maxima center for pediatric oncology.

Child & Hospital Foundation Charlie Braveheart supports the Child & Hospital Foundation with initiatives that help to improve care for children and parents. The K&Z foundation also provides support by involving parents in education for professionals via the knowledge center below.

Knowledge center procedural comfort

Charlie Braveheart supports the knowledge center for procedural comfort. This is a knowledge center where experts in the field favoring a child-oriented approach come together. Different forms of education are offered to healthcare providers who deal with children in their daily practice. In this education they are trained in a good child-oriented approach and are given a set of tools to apply this in practice. After a course has been completed, the experts of this knowledge center will keep in touch with participants in order to support implementation and to continue to feed the students with new insights and information. Below is a brief overview of the education portfolio of the knowledge center.

Fundamentals course

This course is the basis for healthcare providers in which all components of creating a human connection, pharmacological as well as non-pharmacological treatment components are included. The course will be given 4-6 times a year.
Nitrous oxide

In addition to the fundamentals course, Charlie Braveheart also supports implementation of the use of nitrous oxide as an extra tool for practice. In 2020-2021 this education will be further adapted, and the course will be given 6-10 times a year.

PROSA Conference

The Charlie Braveheart foundation contributes to realizing the PROSA congress. The PROSA conference will take place online in 2020 ( This is an initiative that is offered once every 2 years. This conference also stimulates many international healthcare professionals to acquire and share knowledge and skills.

Custom courses

Charlie Braveheart also supports the development of custom solutions that are in line with best practice. Some caregivers come only partly into contact with the care process surrounding children. This includes the prick (injection) laboratory, ambulance services and general practitioner posts.


During the further specific training to become a pediatric nurse, a part of the day will be given to introduce future care providers to the possibilities and tools to make care practices pain, compulsion and stress-free during their training.


There is already an increased demand for consultations with the faculty, from former course participants who are confronted with complex case histories in practice. This is anticipated by joining various (digital) consultations to provide relevant advice. It also involves implementation of various techniques such as nitrous oxide, Dexdor, etc.


A digital platform is under development to provide the participants, during their education, with information to support practical questions and to continue to highlight and disseminate new information in the field of this child-oriented approach.

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