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What does Charlie Braveheart do?

Since 2018, Charlie Braveheart has been supporting initiatives aimed at improving the care and treatment for children. This includes treatment in the emergency room, a visit to the general practitioner or chronic treatment processes.

The Foundation invests in research and customized education in healthcare. For example, with the help of Charlie Braveheart, more than 1000 professionals from hospitals and healthcare institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium have been educated and trained.

International conferences are also supported and social attention is constantly sought for the subject.
As a result, more and more healthcare professionals now know how to properly guide children during their medical treatment. This includes the implementation of tools like:

  1. Helpful language (‘focus language’)
  2. Sedation/pain relief with medication
  3. Medical hypnosis
  4. Technology (e.g. VR goggles)
  5. Music as a distraction

Charlie’s right here!

If children feel acknowledged and are involved in the conversation, their choice for, and acceptance of treatment becomes so much easier.

Make a plan for customized care together with the healthcare professional.

Charlie prefers to think about something else.

Some experiences in hospital are not pleasant, sometimes not much can change that. But it can help if the doctor or nurse discovers a distraction that suits the patient, no matter how young he or she is.

For example, the use of VR glasses, music or medical hypnosis.

Charlie is somewhere else for a while.

Sometimes it is better to experience necessary hospital treatments less consciously. Appropriate medications can sometimes help.

Charlie knows what’s possible.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are increasingly recognising the importance of preventing fear, pain and the use of coercion as much as is possible.
Fortunately, there are more and more methods to make medical treatments more comfortable.

Care can make children better, but Charlie Braveheart makes care better for children.

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