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Newsletter October 2020

Dear friends of Charlie Braveheart,

The activities that we have been able to undertake in this Covid era are different from
normal, but several projects are still progressing well, even if on a slightly smaller scale.
In this newsletter we would like to inform you about the progress achieved over a number of
our initiatives, and about some developments in the near future.

Knowledge center
The Charlie Braveheart Foundation supports a knowledge center where knowledge and
information for healthcare professionals can be developed and shared. This concerns
education, the development of guidelines, protocols and support with implementation and
advice. (

Feedback from participating hospitals
The participants in the courses in the first quarter of 2020 are regularly contacted to monitor
implementation and follow up. These participants / teams are fully engaged in organizing
further education in their own institutions, and are supported by the knowledge center
(including participation in digital symposia, sharing presentations and content).
The University Medical Center Groningen, in particular, has already done a lot in this regard.

Educational program for professionals
Fortunately, we can resume education in the autumn, albeit in smaller groups.
In November, courses will be given in Maastricht (at the EMTRAC) and in Amsterdam (at
B-Building). Here, 45 professionals (nurses, medical pedagogical providers, pediatricians and
anesthetists) will be trained in our child-centered approach. Participating hospitals include
the Emma Children’s Hospital (Amsterdam MC), the AZ from Bruges and the Spaarne

Association O.I. (osteogenesis imperfecta) and Metakids
We are in close contact with the Vereniging O.I. (osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as
brittle bone disease) and are working together on a good approach to be followed in the
various care institutions for this group of vulnerable children, who frequently suffer
There is also close contact with the Metakids Foundation (children with metabolic diseases)
in order to better shape the approach and interventions for this group of children – which is
less visible but very much concerned with care.
Child home care
More and more care, and also complex care, is moving to the home situation. This means
that healthcare workers are increasingly faced with complex issues (such as metabolic
diseases). In the 1st quarter of 2021, the knowledge center will offer tailor-made education
to the organization Kinderthuiszorg, in order to train all care workers in additional skills.

Amstel Academy
In September and November, one of our faculty members will give a number of introductory
lectures to the pediatric nursing course, affiliated with the Amsterdam UMC.

Implementation support
There is currently a counseling process at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital to support the
implementation of nitrous oxide. This has already been done, among other things, by
looking at the technical setup for the practice and by providing on-site supervision of the
treatment of children with rheumatic complaints.

Charlie Braveheart Europe
Charlie Braveheart Europe will be founded in Switzerland this Autumn, to support initiatives
in Switzerland, Italy and France from here as well. For this purpose, the international
network of experts who have a lot of knowledge focused on anxiety, pain and compulsionfree care, are approached.

Dutch Design Week
Studio Uncoated is participating in Dutch Design Week. The topic is stress reduction through
respiratory regulation. During this digital event, from October 17-25, designers and experts
will be linked from multiple angles. There will also be a panel discussion on how this design
can promote stress reduction from a medical and empathic perspective.

We hope this newsletter has informed you sufficiently well about the current state of affairs with our foundation in these difficult and turbulent times.
Thank you very much for your kind attention and support!

Wulf van Alkemade
Stichting Charlie Braveheart

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